Embracing a new brand shift with a modern design identity


CleverTap is a customer engagement platform which helps global brands seamlessly build lifelong relationships with their customers. After thorough market research, CleverTap identified that they need to shift their positioning and communication. This change needed more modern and modular design and Stealth was all set to make an impact.

What we did
Design Review
Visual Design
Storyboarding of Animations
Motion Design
MarTech, SaaS
CleverTap faced challenges with its website design, including a low conversions. The design language was inconsistent, including variations in colors, graphics, and layouts on different pages. This led to a need for more cohesion across touchpoints. Moreover, cognitive overload arose from an abundance of text and imagery, impacting the communication of critical points.
Moodboard for something new and fresh
Our aim was to create a captivating and transformative moodboard that aligns with the brand's essence. Inspired by CleverTap's logo, we integrated its distinctive curved lines into the background design. Embracing customer-centricity, we incorporated calming colors that complemented the original palette, evoking a soothing user experience.
Design guidelines for consistent usage
The challenge of achieving design uniformity amid website complexity and inconsistent design language was addressed by creating meticulous guidelines for color, typography, and visuals. This ensured consistency across the website, maintaining Clevertap's brand identity while elevating the user experience with a modern, sleek aesthetic.
Product Animations to peek into the product
Our essential goal was to visually showcase CleverTap's capabilities in an easily understandable way. Through carefully crafted motion designs for services like Customer Data and Analytics, and Customer Personalization, we brought these experiences to life, providing glimpses into the process.
Creating a unique customer journey portrayal
Our goal was to provide a personalized user experience on the CleverTap website, catering to diverse industries and customer segments. We ensured coherence and ease of use throughout the customer journey. By creating tailored user journeys for industries such as e-commerce and subscription services, both for buyers and sellers, the website resonates with all.
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