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Creating the Ultimate
User Experience for E-commerce


Designing a platform to provide a digital shopping experience that keeps up with the present times. Clovia, a rapidly expanding lingerie brand in India, is dedicated to delivering a solution-oriented, top-tier experience for its customers. Clovia partnered with stealth to modernize its app and enhance user engagement. We aimed to revamp the app, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with its user demographic and remains current, ultimately providing an improved consumer experience.

stealth played a pivotal role in collaborating with Clovia to undertake a significant application redesign. Our primary objective was to infuse a contemporary essence into the design and enhance user engagement. We aim that the user interface and experience are aligned with prevailing trends and that the brand resonates with its intended audience.

What we did
App Design
UX Design
UI Design
Clovia required a significant revamp of its app's UI and UX design. The app had certain outdated elements and inconsistent design cohesiveness throughout the platform. Moreover, users encountered difficulties while navigating the app due to the absence of effective filtering and search criteria. As a result, the overall user experience suffered, impacting consumer engagement.  Our objective was to identify the gaps and enhance user-friendliness by adding essential product features to address these concerns.
Elevating Aesthetics: A trend-driven Moodboard and platform decluttering
Our primary objective was to integrate fashionable and appealing colors that seamlessly align with Clovia's brand. Furthermore, we aimed at decluttering the platform, reducing congestion, and subsequently creating a more pleasing and intuitively navigable interface.
Effortless navigation and improved search to enhance user experience
We revamped the navigation, introducing a 3-level hierarchy within the hamburger menu to showcase product categories and subcategories seamlessly. A bottom navigation bar was also introduced to centralize key links like home, categories, and accounts. We also updated the search bar, making the search process more intuitive, enhancing the overall user experience.
Simplifying User Journey using Product Listing and Filters
We've refined Clovia’s product pages, ensuring a seamless experience while exploring the new products, latest deals, and combo products. The sort and filter options were relocated to a floating access bar, ensuring their constant availability. This results in a sophisticated and streamlined user journey which leads to higher consumer conversion.

stealth brought our vision to life with creative, intuitive design, including their out-of-the-box ideas and efficient work. They also were highly transparent with their communication which led to a seamless partnership.

Sandeep Kumar
AVP Product