Connecting wine connoisseurs, one design at a time

Connecting wine connoisseurs, one design at a time


Crurated is one of the fastest-growing online wine retailers that connects its members with top producers using a blockchain-based verification model. stealth partnered with Crurated to redefine its website and provide a seamless user experience reflective of its brand essence.

What we did
Website Design
UX design
UI design
Moodboard in cohesion with the brand’s identity
We understood Crurated’s brand essence and the corresponding colour palette. We created a moodboard of colours, fonts, and typography. Embracing customer-centricity, we incorporated hues of deep purple, navy blue, golden, and burgundy that complemented the original palette, evoking a luxurious user experience.
Interactions Designed for Increased User Adoption
Another objective was to develop interactive designs that facilitate clear comprehension, leading to a seamless user experience and higher adoption rates. We carefully structured our web pages, showcasing a diverse array of wine producers, the advanced technology utilized for provenance, and a dedicated membership portal. This approach ensures effective communication of Crurated’s core message while preserving the brand identity.
Member Portal for personalized user journeys
As Crurated is a members-only wine retailer, we created an exclusive portal for our cherished members to purchase and effortlessly manage their orders. Our goal was to design a tailor-made experience for each user, resulting in an engaging and interactive interface.
Transparency and Trustworthiness That Drives User Loyalty Through Design
Donating to a cause you care about feels great -- until you're plagued with doubts that you're parting with money with nothing to show for it.  To eliminate these doubts. it was essential to establish a transparent platform that fosters unwavering trust. We designed functionalities that offer users insights into the journey of their donated funds. Furthermore, we ensure consistent updates on how their contributions have impacted various causes, ensuring complete transparency. Moreover, the incorporation of a shield logo and analogous visual components served to instill a sense of security.

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"Stealth truly embraced our brand essence, building a design system that aligned with our core values. Their remarkable collaboration skills and innovative ideas led to an exceptional outcome."

Alfonso de Gaetano
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