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Creating a platform that simplifies crowdfunding to attract support. stealth joined hands with Ketto, the largest crowdfunding platform in Asia, to remodel and create its fundraising app. Since 2012, Ketto has strived to simplify online crowdfunding, bringing support to causes spanning social, personal, creative, and entrepreneurial realms. It became clear the app needed to transform as well.

What we did
Design Review
Visual Design
Storyboarding of Animations
Motion Design
Ketto’s challenges were twofold: captivating consumer interest and facilitating initial donations, followed by sustaining a steady stream of contributions. Building a reputable, trusted brand was also a major priority. To tackle user loyalty and product feature gaps, we realized that a comprehensive design revamp was essential, aimed at enhancing the donation process as well as solidifying Ketto's commitment to reliability.
Design that Simplifies and Encourages Consumer Engagement
To crack the code of attracting first-time donors, we made onboarding a breeze by creating a seamless experience by simplifying the design and using visuals that are quick to grasp. We also added a product feature of mini donations that sped up the process for first-timers to get on board. Ketto also sweetened the deal by chipping in some funds alongside users' first donations, making that initial giving experience even more rewarding.
Addressing User Retention Through Innovative Product Features
Our focus didn't stop at first-timers; we aimed to keep the ball rolling for existing users by enhancing the visual design and introducing exciting product features. Ever heard of monthly SIPs? They let users contribute a fixed amount at regular intervals of their choosing, making donations hassle-free. This thoughtful addition not only simplified the process but also led to a spike in user retention.
Understanding that crowdfunding is a collective, human endeavor
Crowdfunding is a human endeavor and as such, we wanted to highlight that to foster stronger connections for Ketto users. We decided to include stories of successful fundraising campaigns to spotlight, both people who received help and people that gave help. This brought a human touch to the user experience and helped users better relate to Ketto. This led to an increase in consumer conversion and retention.
Transparency and Trustworthiness That Drives User Loyalty Through Design
Donating to a cause you care about feels great - until you're plagued with doubts that you're parting with money with nothing to show for it.  To eliminate these doubts, it was essential to establish a transparent platform that fosters unwavering trust. We designed functionalities that offer users insights into the journey of their donated funds. Furthermore, we ensure consistent updates on how their contributions have impacted various causes, ensuring complete transparency. Moreover, the incorporation of a shield logo and analogous visual components served to instill a sense of security.

"Our collaboration with stealth has been nothing short of phenomenal. It's like having an extended team that brings a refreshing blend of innovative ideas and unique perspectives to the table."

Zaheer Adenwala
Co-Founder and COO Ketto
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