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Inspired by the elegant Arabic term, Manzil Apartments embodies a commitment to a hassle-free luxury experience, seamless hospitality, and valuing time – all integral to the Manzil lifestyle. Our mission at Stealth was to create a brand identity for Manzil that authentically reflects its essence, capturing its values and services.

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Manzil sought an authentic, luxurious brand identity reflecting its core values, services, and elegance. The identity needed to speak to the Middle Eastern market, ensuring a cohesive, sophisticated experience across all touchpoints while clearly communicating their high-quality real estate solutions. So, here’s what we did.

Experience Luxury Through Rich Colors and Elegant Fonts
Our journey with Manzil started by deeply understanding their mission and the Middle East real estate market. We explored their core values and crafted a moodboard to capture their essence. This holistic approach included a harmonious color palette with rich hues like navy blue, sand, and maroon, complemented by the distinctive Americana Std font, aligning perfectly with the brand's values.
Increased Conversion and Bookings Through Interactive Graphics
In addition to enhancing the brand's visual appeal and aesthetics, it was essential to increase user interaction on the website. We extensively researched the Middle East real estate audience, creating interactive interfaces and user-friendly property listings. Moreover, we engineered personalized user journeys to streamline the overall experience
Defining “The Manzil Experience” Through Logo and Packaging 
A significant challenge we faced was crafting a logo that captured Manzil's essence, aligning with the chosen themes and fonts. We overlaid the brand name in a serene white font set against a maroon background, effectively communicating the regional luxury the brand embodies. These design principles and elements were consistently applied to their packaging, hence adhering to consistent design guidelines.
Social Media and Brand Collaterals
We crafted social media templates and banners aligned with Manzil's design guidelines, ensuring a cohesive visual identity. This resulted in a consistent aesthetic across platforms and a notable boost in social media engagement.

“stealth has been our design partner all along and was instrumental in shaping our brand identity “

Saagar Panchal
Founder Manzil
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