Revolutionizing a leading AI-driven SaaS platform


Ozone is an advanced, no-code Enterprise Tekton Platform that empowers enterprises to maximize the potential of cloud-first architectures, specifically Kubernetes. With a comprehensive range of capabilities, ease of use, adherence to industry standards, and extensive integrations

What we did
Website Design
UX Design
UX Research
UX Audit
UI Design
SaaS, AI
Dubai, India
Ozone's website presented several areas for enhancement, such as optimizing product navigation, refreshing the UI for a more modern design, resolving technical limitations, simplifying actions for better UX/UI, and introducing personalized user experiences. These improvements aimed to elevate Ozone's online platform, ensuring a more intuitive and tailored user experience
Strategic enhancements through user journeys and and IA audit.
We conducted UX research, performed a thorough audit, and analyzed competitor websites to glean insights. We leveraged these findings to identify issues across Ozone’s platform and website, encompassing UI/UX, personalization, and product page challenges. Our approach involved devising tailored solutions to rectify these issues and elevate the overall user experience..
Elevating ozone's visual identity and user experience
In line with Ozone's values and prominent position in the SaaS industry, we strategically curated a color palette featuring a white background complemented by vibrant green and soothing blue hues. This choice aimed to visually communicate Ozone's product offerings while maintaining clarity and simplicity for users. By infusing a modern and sophisticated design, our goal was to revamp Ozone's website into a sleek, tech-forward platform, appealing to users seeking an intuitive online experience.
Simplifying Onboarding for Seamless User Adoption
Initially daunting due to its technical nature, Ozone's data platform underwent a transformative overhaul focused on simplifying onboarding. The introduction of Quick Setup and Custom Setup features was instrumental. Quick Setup offered pre-built templates for swift configuration, while Custom Setup catered to specific user needs. This revamp streamlined interactions, easing the complexity of setup without compromising the platform's functionality
Streamlined Data Access with Visual Dashboards
We introduced dashboards as a centralized hub, presenting complex data visually compellingly—charts, graphs, and interactive elements—allowing users to personalize insights, monitor real-time updates, and navigate the platform effortlessly. This overhaul not only enhanced data accessibility but also empowered users to derive actionable insights, revolutionizing decision-making processes.
Pipeline studio: A digital playground for Devops Engineers
We introduced a visual building studio to allow user to setup, edit and run pipelines. This acted as intuitive visual representations of various elements within the pipeline, allowing users to manipulate and arrange them in a more coherent and understandable manner.
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