Unveiling the Winning Hand: Designing the Ultimate Gaming Experience


In the dynamic world of Indian online poker, RummyVerse, a major player, sought to rejuvenate its brand. Teaming up with us at stealth marked the start of a journey to craft a comprehensive, immersive digital experience in line with their vision.

What we did
Brand Identity
Brand Redesign
UI/UX Design
Website Design
App Design
Online Gaming
In the vibrant landscape of Indian online poker, a key player was ready to revamp its brand presence. With a fresh start envisioned for its app , RummyVerse partnered with us at stealth. This dynamic collaboration marked the beginning of a journey to create an all-encompassing, immersive digital adventure aligned with their vision.

Captivating Moodboard To Capture The Themes of RummyVerse

Our central goal was to deeply grasp RummyVerse requisites and desired themes. Their aspiration was to differentiate themselves from the generic online card game landscape and carve a distinct niche

Interactive 3-D characters and Multiplayer Design

Crafting dynamic and captivating 3D characters for the game was one of the biggest challenges. This task demanded a deep grasp of sculpting, anatomical nuances, and proportionality to breathe life into facial constructs from scratch. We designed various characters, drawing inspiration from both real-world personas and innovative concepts. The range of these characters is especially prominent in RummyVerse’s multiplayer games.

Elevating Cards and Emojis Design to the Next Level

As a part of building the app,  we crafted a diverse array of over 60 emojis and various animations to enrich the user's gaming experience. These emojis were meticulously designed to be interactive and engaging, thus introducing a playful touch into the user experience. Furthermore, we aligned the design of the game's cards with RummyVerse’s overarching theme, ensuring a seamless resonance.

Design led immersive gaming experience

Our objective was to create an immersive gaming experience rich in diverse features. We meticulously designed unique tables, each catering to different games, elevating the players' gaming journey. The addition of dedicated tournament lobbies provides a distinctive and customized gaming atmosphere. The extensive tutorial on various card games serves as a guide, ensuring for the players to make accurate card plays and master the games. As for multiplayer action, the interface has been thoughtfully crafted for an engrossing gameplay, seamlessly connecting users with fellow players for a captivating experience.
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