Transforming a key fintech platform through innovative design language


StoxBox is a subscription-based stockbroking platform for retail investors aimed towards client-centricity. Our partnership with StoxBox involved a comprehensive redesign of StoxBox's brand identity, along with a revamp of their website and mobile app platforms. Through this collaboration, we aimed to not only enhance the visual appeal and user experience but also reinforce StoxBox's core values of putting clients at the center of their financial journey.

What we did
Brand Design
Website Design
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UX Design
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Our primary challenge was to undertake a complete brand transformation for StoxBox, aligning it as an all-in-one trading and learning platform. Additionally, we needed to create a visually appealing color palette that resonated with both StoxBox's values and its target audience. Simultaneously, we had to address the persistent issue of inconsistent design language across various platforms to ensure a consistently engaging brand identity. Our design strategy was crafted after extensive research into StoxBox's business goals and requirements.
Shaping the Visual Palette: Research and Moodboarding
To capture their client-centric approach, we redefined their brand's core essence by crafting a visual palette and moodboard. This journey involved meticulous research to harmonize a compelling color scheme, with rich shades of purple and blue taking center stage. We meticulously crafted an expansive moodboard to encapsulate the brand's mission while aligning with their business goals.
Enhancing User Experience Across Website and Mobile App
Our approach involved conducting comprehensive UX research on the target audience, in-depth market analysis, and competitor benchmarking. With a clear focus on achieving key business goals, such as increasing Stoxbox’s user adoption and subscriptions while implementing KYC procedures, as well as transforming their perception, we prioritized streamlining the onboarding process to make it seamless and user-friendly.
Crafting a Distinct Brand Identity through Graphic and Logo Design
A central design focus was creating a logo for StoxBox that seamlessly matched their mission, typography, and color schemes, encapsulating their brand's essence. Our graphic design approach featured elegant circular purple curves in the background, complemented by warm and inviting typography, alongside a range of interactive elements thoughtfully integrated to engage users.
Establishing a Unified Design Language Across Platforms
Our approach focused on developing a unified design language to ensure a consistent and engaging user experience across StoxBox's website, mobile app, and various platforms. We meticulously crafted designs to guarantee cohesiveness, whether accessed via laptops or smartphones, ensuring compatibility across different operating systems.

"stealth has been an exceptional design partner, consistently providing unwavering support and creative insights from brand inception to final implementation."

Yuvraj A. Thakker
Managing Director, StoxBox
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